How It Works

Through a person-centered planning approach, our knowledgeable Family Navigator offers a supportive ear, along with customized support, for families contacting Kelberman.



A Family Navigator supports families in accessing information, systems, and services.



Initial interests and individualized needs are assessed in order to successfully guide families toward appropriate services.



Families develop a better understanding of available resources and support services at Kelberman and within our community.



Sessions are designed to empower families in making informed decisions about the autism support services that are right for them.

How to Get Started

Kelberman The Center of Excellence for Autism Family Contact

Anyone may contact Family Navigation to seek answers to general or specific questions related to services, autism and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Please Contact Us to Get Started

Director of Community Relations

Finding resources that are available to a loved one can be an overwhelming task.  That is why my goal as a Family Navigator is to guide families and caregivers in a way that makes them feel supported, understood and empowered along their journey.

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What family and friends have to say...

I look forward to working together with Kelberman! When you have a child that has been diagnosed, it is a journey. Having a professional and caring team to help you with your child is… Read More about Katie E.

Katie E.

Kelberman answered all of my questions in a timely manner.  I look forward to working together and having a professional and caring team to help me with my child - this really is a game… Read More about Katie E.

Katie E.

Keep up the excellent work. You're moving mountains for families like mine.

Kathy C.

It is an incredible feeling to hear others say “You’re not alone” or “I get it” and they wholeheartedly mean it.

Amy H.

Thank you for giving such an informative and useful presentation. Our community is a better, healthier place because of you.

Hannah M.