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Research suggests ABA is an effective way to increase communication, socialization, and independent learning skills, as well as decrease unsafe behavior. Our ABA therapy services begin with a thorough assessment of communication and social skills, as well as identification of any unsafe, interfering behaviors, before an individualized program plan is developed. The assessment is conducted by one of our Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analysts, supported by our Registered Behavior Technicians as appropriate.

We provide direct, one-on-one instruction several hours per week utilizing the principles of learning and behavior to affect positive and beneficial behavior change. Successful ABA therapy requires a team commitment, with an individual’s plan often involving anywhere from 5 to 30 hours of direct therapy per week. Direct therapy is supplemented with caregiver education and training on the individual’s program plan, which is provided by one of our Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

  • Services are offered at our on-site clinic, in-home, and/or in school (see our Behavioral-based School Consultation services section) with multiple practitioners available to offer various session options. Location of services is determined during the assessment process based on the level of therapy support that will best meet the needs of each individual.
  • Assessment of skills across various domains, such as communication, imitation, and social skills.
  • Ongoing reports that measure progress daily and monthly.
Kelberman The Center of Excellence For Autism How Can ABA Therapy Help Me

What Can ABA Therapy Do For Me?

  • Group and one-on-one parent sessions are available.
  • Ongoing programming is monitored and programming changes are driven by the individual’s progress.
  • The ultimate goal is to generalize skills across people and environments (i.e., home, school, and other relevant settings) to increase each individual’s ability to function as independently as possible.

Why Kelberman

Our programs, resources, and inclusive services are evidence-based and help children, adolescents, and adults diagnosed with autism or a related intellectual/developmental disability, as well as their families, find engaging and supportive ways to interact with the world around them.






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