Starting with the initial evaluation, we help individuals and their families develop a better understanding of their diagnosis and how it may impact their learning, behavior, and interactions with those around them. Additionally, our clinicians work in collaboration with individuals and families to best identify treatment paths meant to optimize quality of life.

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

Our ABA therapy focuses on meeting the unique needs of each individual. Programmatic goals are developed following the completion of a thorough intake and assessment process, completing by one of our Licensed Behavior Analysts in collaboration with the individual and their caregivers. Our ABA therapy focuses on increasing communication, socialization, and independent learning skills, as well as decreasing unsafe behaviors in order to assist every individual with achieving their optimal quality of life.

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Behavioral-based School Consultation Services

Our school consultation services provide behavioral-based support within classrooms to assist with increasing participation in learning and managing behavioral concerns. Our behavioral-support services are available year-round, including extended school year programs (ESY).

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Psychotherapy Services

Our clinicians provide individual and/or group psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults with autism or other developmental disability. Services are currently provided in our Rome and Syracuse offices, with teletherapy appointments available based on determination of clinical appropriateness.

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Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment led by a licensed psychologist that involves an interview with the individual and/or their family members, rating scales, and direct observation and testing.

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