Kelberman The Center of Excellence for Autism Habilitation and Respite


Our Managers, Mentors and Direct Support Professionals work with each person on customized goals such as focusing on skills in safety, socialization, money management, independent living, leisure, and play.

  • Includes transport to various locations in the community, such as summer camp, fitness clubs, social groups, or archery.
  • During service provision, families are able to attend to their own needs trusting in Kelberman trained staff to provide the agreed upon goals, supports and supervision needed to support their loved one.
  • Skill building provides both personal growth and fun experiences.
Kelberman The Center of Excellence for Autism Habilitation and Respite

What Can Respite Do For Me?

  • Our Direct Support Professionals spend time with your loved one at home or out in the community.
  • Provides a chance for parents or caregivers to run errands, go to appointments, or just rest and relax.
  • Our Direct Support Professionals help guide people toward achieving their goals through home or community-based activities.

Why Kelberman

Our state-of-the-art Autism programs, resources, and inclusive services help children, adults and their families impacted by autism or intellectual and/or developmental disabilities find engaging ways to interact with the world around them.






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Brianne White
Assistant Director of Community Services

Respite and recreation opportunities are so important to the people we support as well as to their families, creating opportunities for everyone involved to have their unique needs met.

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