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  2. Cliff’s Local Market Raises $36,447 for Kelberman
Clffs PR 2023

Cliff’s Local Market Raises $36,447 for Kelberman

Thank you to Cliff's Local Market for their partnership with Kelberman throughout the month of October for the autism puzzle piece campaign. An amazing $36,447 was raised through the sale of puzzle pieces within Cliff's stores, which will help ensure that children, adults, and their families in our community receive quality autism services now, and into the future. 

Maria Cappoletti, CEO of Kelberman, expressed her gratitude towards the representatives of Cliff’s Local Market for their partnership and unwavering commitment to assisting families in our community. Cappoletti emphasized the critical role that community partnerships play in sustaining Kelberman's programs and services. She remarked, “Community partnerships are vital to sustaining programs and services at Kelberman.  This commitment to helping children and adults and their families will allow them to connect to life-changing autism services now and for years to come.  Thank you to Cliff’s Local Market and to the Clifford Family for making our friends, neighbors, and family members with autism feel truly supported and celebrated.”   

Jim Clifford, Owner and President of Clifford Fuel Company Inc. and Cliff’s Local Market, said, “The Clifford team is excited to have partnered with Kelberman once again this year. We deeply admire the efforts to raise awareness and support for autism. It's truly inspiring to witness the dedication of our store teams and the compassion of our community as they unite to bring about positive change.”

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