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  2. Kelberman and Utica Comets Partner for Autism Acceptance
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Kelberman and Utica Comets Partner for Autism Acceptance

Kelberman and the Utica Comets had an amazing day on April 2nd celebrating World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day! We are thankful for the opportunity for families, friends and community supporters to cheer on the Utica Comets, who have been wonderful partners to Kelberman, helping us to spread awareness and making this an awesome and memorable day for all involved. From Travis Leone accomplishing his dream of singing the National Anthem at a Utica Comets game, to kids and families experiencing Tunnel Time and a Zamboni ride (plus the musical chairs game featuring Kelberman staff!) the day was a success! Thank you Utica Comets and to all the people who came out to support Kelberman. And to all the Utica Comets fans, you can help raise money for Kelberman with an opportunity to win a signed Utica Comets stick and jerseys! Click here to purchase tickets! https://Kelberman.givesmart.com