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Thank You Giuseppe’s Mafia!

April is Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month! With 1 in 36 children diagnosed with autism, area families and community members have been helping in their own unique ways to raise awareness and support Kelberman. The Kierpiec Family of Rome recently held a bowling tournament, “Giuseppe’s Mafia 9-Pin No Tap,” at King Pin Lanes in Rome and raised $3,432 to benefit Kelberman! The bowling tournament was in honor of their 3-year-old son Giuseppe. According to his mother Gina, “Giuseppe loves to be adventurous, he loves the outdoors, completing his puzzles and dancing to music while playing on his iPad. He is an absolutely amazing child and his smile can light up a room.”  Giuseppe was recently diagnosed with autism and since then his parent’s mission has been to help other families in the area with support as well as organizations raise money to assist children and their families on the spectrum.  Thank you to the Kierpiec family for your generous donation – Kelberman appreciates your support!

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